Author                          Title


Arieti, Silvano                  Creativity: The Magic Synthesis

                                                          [Analysis of creativity and conditions fostering its development]


Bateson, Gregory            “Steps To An Ecology Of The Mind”, “Mind and Nature”, and “Angels Fear”

                                                          [remedy study notes on Bateson’s elegant insights]

Becker, Robert                Cross Currents: Perils of Electro-pollution / Promise of Electro-medicine

                             [The body’s electromagnetic signaling systems]


Buber, Martin                   “I and THOU” & “Between Man and Man” remedy study notes and quotes

Burr, Harold Saxton Blueprint For Immortality: The Electric Patterns Of Life       

Capra, Fritjof                   The Tao of Physics        [Parallels between modern physics and Eastern mysticism]

Csiksczentmihalyi, M.       Flow: Psychology of Optimal Experience [Steps toward enhancing the quality of life]

Frankl, Viktor                   Psychotherapy and Existentialism  [Selected papers on Logotherapy]

Gazzaniga, Michael          Mind Matters                 [How mind and brain interact to create consciousness]

Glasser, William               Control Theory: A New Explanation of How We Control Our Lives

Green, Elmer & Alyce       Beyond Biofeedback

                                      [Development of cybernetic control of physiological, psychosomatic

                                                and emotional states; mind theory and field independence]


Hall, Edward T.                The Dance of Life: The Other Dimension of Time  [Time as perceived culturally]


Jung, Carl                        Man and His Symbols [Symbols have no innate power; their numinosity exists only in

the emotions or unconscious of the individual]


Kersten, Holger               Jesus Lived in India [The historical research trail - resuscitation vrs resurrection]


Kushner, Rabbi Harold      When Bad Things Happen to Good People          [Understanding undeserved loss]


Laing, Ronald D                The Politics of Experience and excerpts from Laing’s other books

                                                                   [An existential approach to healing human distress]


Le Shan, Lawrence          The Medium, The Mystic and The Physicist

                                                           [Distinction of sensory, clairvoyant and trans-psychic realities]

Lovelock, James              The Ages of Gaia  [Hypothesis that the Earth is alive, self-adjusting, and deterministic]


Narby, Jeremy                 The Cosmic Serpent

                                                [An Amazonian ethno-biologist’s conclusions as to all life comprising an intelligence

                                                interacting and communicating through chemically coded interfaces]


Ouspensky, P.D.              In Search of the Miraculous: Fragments of An Unknown Teaching

                   [Russian philosopher’s findings over seven years as understudy of

                   the Armenian mystic and teacher, Georges Gurdjieff]


Pagels, Elaine                   The Gnostic Gospels  [Extracts from the 1945 Nag Hammedi, Egypt discoveries]


Penfield, Wilder                The Mystery of the Mind

                                      [Noted Canadian neurosurgeon’s findings about functions

                                      and processes of the brain and its relationship with mind]


Sheldrake, Rupert            The Presence of The Past

                                                [Explanation of the hypothesis of Formative Causation (Morphic Resonance)

 by Cambridge bio-chemist Fellow/ student of Father Bede Griffiths]


Soleri, Paoli                     The Omega Seed: An Eschatological Hypothesis

                                                [The architect of Arcosanti, Arizona presents his cosmological insights]


Sogyal Rinpoche              The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

                                                [A revolution in the way we look at death and care for the dying;

 and the way we look at life and care for the living]


Sullivan, Harry Stack        Review notes on “The Interpersonal Theory of Psychiatry” and Sullivan’s work.


Suzuki, Daisetz                Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis

and Erich Fromm                              [Lectures at the University of Mexico, Cuernavaca comparing Zen

 with the objectives and techniques of psychoanalysis]


Tart, Charles                   States of Consciousness

                                                [Findings of a renowned U of C Davis psychology professor and

                                                parapsychologist across the fields of mind/consciousness]



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OLDER BOOK REVIEWS THAT HAVE BEEN ARCHIVED OFF-LINE – Copies will be provided via Email request.


Borysenko, Joan              Guilt Is The Teacher: Love Is The Lesson  [Being able to say YES to life]

Breggin, Peter                  Talking Back To Prozac  [Damning indictment of the pharmaceutical industry]

Cappon, Daniel                Anatomy of Intuition    [Analysis and intuition improvement guide]

Casdorph and Walker       TOXIC METAL SYNDROME: How Metal Poisonings Affect Your Brain

Donnelly, Doris                Learning To Forgive

Elgin, Suzette                  Verbal Self-Defense  [The arts of communication]

Flannigan, Beverly            Forgiving The Unforgivable

Fromm, Erich                  Man For Himself  [An enquiry into the psychology of ETHICS]

Hudson, T.J.                    The Law of Psychic Phenomena [Theory of mind duality with special focus on healing]

Lerner, Harriet                 The Dance of Deception

Overstreet, Bonero          Understanding Fear In Ourselves And Others   [Fear and its disguises]

Merton, Thomas              The Seven Storey Mountain/Mystics and Zen  [from the pen of a Trappist Seer]

Myers & Briggs                Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Types

Smedes, Lewis                Forgive and Forget (Healing Undeserved Hurts)

Weiner-Davis, Michele      Divorce Busting (Solution Oriented Brief Therapy)

Weiner-Davis, Michele      Fire Your Shrink

Zukav, Gary                    The Seat of The Soul




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