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Abram, David                +       “The Ecology of Magic”


Almaas, A.K.                           “The Void” and “Pearl Beyond Price”

[Excerpts from this syncretic Sufi/Buddhist psychoanalytical teacher]


Aurelius, Marcus                    “Meditations”

                                                          [Selections from this Stoical Roman Emperor’s journal]


Aurobindo, Sri                        Fragments from “The Synthesis of Yoga” and the Master’s other writings


Berne, Eric                              Transactional Analysis [remedy’ study notes on Berne’s TA work]


Chang Tsai                             Selections from 11th century neo-Confuscian/Taoist


Chief Seattle                          Treaty Speech on turning over his tribal Squamish lands


Edney, Julian                +       Greed: An Essay  [A detailed analysis of the cudgel in Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand”]


Edwords, Frederick      +       What Is Humanism?  [The power of Ideas at work: An accomplishment- not a doctrine]


Ehrenreich, Barbara               “Pathologies of Hope” [The positivist cults coach our insensitivity to others’ suffering]


Elliott, Keith & Marnie           “The Dialogues” – a feature section of “Our Stories” archives


Elliott, Keith & Marnie           And Then, There’ll Be OneTransitions


Elliott, Everett John               The Way It Used To Bea Patriarch’s recollections of rural Ontario in the early 20th Century


Emerson, Ralph Waldo          Selections from “Self Reliance” and other essays


Gibran, Kahlil                         Selections from Gibran’s works


Gibran, Kahlil                +       “The Prophet”


Goddard & Harrington           Canada’s Madonna and Child


Goenka, S.N.                 +       “The Art of Living: Vipassana Meditation”


Goethe                                    Fragments from his writings


Goldstein, Emmanuel   +       The Theory & Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism”

                    [The 'Book within a Book' from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four]


Govinda, Lama Anagarika     Selections from writings of this 20th century Tibetan Buddhist including an interview with Renée Weber entitled

 “Of Matter and Maya”


Graves, Tom                  +       “Inventing Reality: towards a magical technology”

                                                          [To see beliefs and points of view as tools, rather than as final Truths]


Gregg, Richard             +       The Value Of Voluntary Simplicity - 1936

                                                          [The spiritual, social and economic issues involving  the choice of a life-path of greater simplicity.]


Hick, John                     +       Reincarnation and the Meaning of Life 12-02


Hillman, James                      Fragments, findings and excerpts from various works of the ‘dean of American psychotherapy’


Hurlbut, William           +       “From Biology to Biography”         [“Human existence is located between infinities”] 


Kazantzakis, Nikos                Favorite quotes from “Zorba The Greek”


Keynes, John Maynard  +      Economic Possibilities For Our Grandchildren  pdf. 1930*** 


Khayyam, Omar           +       “The Rubaiyat

                                                          [The astronomer-poet of Persia – Fitzgerald translation]


Lao Tzu                         +       Tao te Ching  [Stephen Mitchell translation]


Levi, Renee                   +       The Sentient Heart: Messages For Life


Lewis, C.S.   Description: Description: Description: Description: new                   From “The Screwtape Letters”, “The Problem Of Pain”, and “A Grief Observed”


Lincoln, Abraham                            The Gettysburg Address


Long, Barry                   +       “In A World Of No Guarantees….”


Lorca, Federico Garcia           “The Irresistible Beauty Of All Things”


McKim, Colin                          Reflections on Narcissus       [A stunning reprise on the old Greek fable]


Machiavelli, Nicolò       +       The Prince Written c. 1505, published 1515


Maharshi, Sri Ramana           Fragments from his teachings


Markham, Edward                  “The Man With The Hoe  [A poet’s ode to a painting by Jean-François Millet]


Neihardt, John              +       Black Elk Speaks - as translated to Neihardt by Black Elk’s son

                                                          [The crushing of Amerind culture – through the eyes and heart of an Ogallala Sioux Medicine Man]


OSHO                                      Remaining With The Real” from “The Book of Secrets” [sutra #68 of the Vigyam Bhairav Tantra]


Pelletier, Dr. Kenneth            From “Toward a Science of Consciousness”

                                                          [The holographic model of brain/consciousness)


Peirce, Charles Sanders+      “The Fixation of Belief”


Persinger, Dr. Michael           Remedy’s tribute to the work of Dr. Persinger’s Behavioural Neuroscience Program


Pirsig, Robert                         From “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”


Rilke, Rainer Maria                Selections from translations of renowned early 20th century German poet


Roberts, Jane                         From “Seth”


Santayana, George                Selections from the works of a renowned Harvard naturalist philosopher


Schumacher, Ernest F.   +     “Buddhist Economics  [from Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered]


Singh, Kirpal                   +     “Man! Know Thyself”   [Teachings from the great Sikh Master]


Slabbert, Jos                   +     “The Way is Tao  [The poetry of a Namibian Master]


Sorli, Amrit                             “Consciousness As A Research Tool”   [How mind-created mathematical

                                                                   models of space-time influence our experience]


Sugrue, Thomas                     From “There Is A River”

                                                          [The philosophy of the American psychic Edgar Cayce]


Szasz, Thomas                +     The Myth of Mental Illness [from The American Psychologist]


Szasz, Thomas                +     “The Moral Physician  [from Szasz’s classic “The Theology of Medicine”]


Thoreau, Henry David    +     Life Without Principle” [as applicable today as when written in 1863]


Thoreau, Henry David           Some favorite selections from Thoreau’s writings


Tolle, Eckhart                  +     “The Power of Now”   [Chapter One – ‘You Are Not Your Mind’]



Troward, Judge Thomas        “The Dore Lectures”

                                                          [Rational organizer of the early New Thought movement]


Ullman, Montague                 DREAMS:  Royal Road To The Unconscious - [remedy’ study notes on the work of Montague Ullman]


Ullman, Montague          +     “The Transformation Process in Dreams”


Watts, Alan                     +     “The Book: On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are”

                                                          [‘The Creation Myth’ by this ‘60s Western Buddhist/Taoist]


Wei Wu Wei..                          Selections from his writings


Christian Wiman             +     Mortify Our Wolves: Struggling against pain & the certainty of death


Wilson, E. O.                           From “Consilience”


Young, Shinzen              +     Bringing the Monastery Home” pdf [Particle-Wave Consciousness Energetics]


Young, Shinzen               +     “Purpose and Method of Vipassana Meditation”


Zinn, Howard                  +     “Just and Unjust War  [chapter from ‘Declarations of Independence’]



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