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                                      A Gallery of Canadian Woodturning at Woodsong Studio
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All bowls are finished with tung oil and buffed to a high sheen unless stated otherwise

Friendship Cups
A number of these smaller cups with various woods and piercings, and set on soapstone, were named friendship cups and are intended to be gifted to close friends.      These human relation-ships are so very vital and deserve to be honoured.
Wood is a warm, tactile material and represents the emotional bond that develops between friends.     The stone is durable and strong and speaks to the permanence of the friendship.

Left:    FC 797,  Bojanga Wood, 5" high

Right:  FC 805,  Black Walnut, 5" high


Left:   FC 803,  Black Walnut,  5" high

Right: FC 807,  Leechi Nut, 5" high


  Left:  FC 804,  Catalpa,   6" high


Left:    FC 809, Padauk, 4" high

Right:  FC 810, Maple, 4" high





Bowl 713   10"long x 5.5"high
" Woodlace" transforms this elliptical bowl into an exciting, walnut lacework. 
The technical carving technique used here gives a diffractive appearance to this work.


Bowl 702    13" long x 8" high
The black in this beautiful, African Wenge is picked up by the dyed and carved, black cradle and contrasts with the white marble.  A very formal piece.   (see sculptures)


Bowl 684a.jpg (58282 bytes) Bowl 684b.jpg (74894 bytes)

Bowl 684       12" diam.
African padauk is such a pretty wood!   This pedestal bowl employs the WoodSong Woodlace technique.  The interior grooves create a vortex in this example.


Bowl 623    9.5"d x 3"h
This is one of the nicest pieces of Cocobolo that I have seen.  The plainer, light Ash, chain  contrasts with this elegant wood. 


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