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Woodsong Studio                         Garry Bowes,  Ottawa, Canada

                                                                      "Our forest heritage, artistically preserved"

                     I usually dress less formally in my studio, 
                where I enjoy the sensual delights of working
                with wood.  Under a skylight, and beside a 
                picture window, I like to watch the snowflakes
                fall while I fashion my varied creations.

                    I  spent 35 years at the Canadian National
                Research Council, as a research technologist
                in my first career; now, well into my second
                career as a wood turner, I find that I have an
               absolute passion for wood.  Its variety, warmth
                 and beauty are unequalled.  Man is often in
                 conflict with nature, but when we collaborate
                             wonderful things can be achieved.

    My work extends from simple forms, where the wood speaks for itself, to complex creations, combining various woods and other materials in simple harmonies.   I take advantage of my experience as a technologist to develop new designs and turning techniques.

    When working with local species, I partially turn the freshly cut, green wood before setting it aside to dry thoroughly.   This gives me lots of time to decide on the final form and any enhancements, before remounting on the lathe and finishing the piece.  I use tung oil or a hard tung oil finish, and after several days, I buff the work to a sheen.   The wood now reveals all its secrets and the eye can follow intricate figure, like a hologram disappearing into the wood.   A light coat of carnauba wax protects the finish.

* member of the American Association of Woodturners
* member of the Valley Woodturners
* member of AOE, the Arts Council of East Ottawa
* member and past president of the National Capital Network of Sculptors

    some of my techniques are described and work displayed at the following websites:   and
and at

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