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       These pieces are functionally Challenged!       ( less functional, more artistic )

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Vase 792
From a centennial crabapple (see 799).    The wood is spalted (has begun to decay) and beautiful patterns have appeared.
7" high


Veiled Virgin    vase 819
The freshly cut cherry has the beauty and innocence of youth with a veil inviting a modest glimpse of the interior. In time, the wood will develop the rich mature burgundy of aged cherry. From a black cherry log purchased at auction in Kemptville Ontario.
11" high


Oh Canada   vase 799
This is from a Centennial Crabapple planted in my front yard in 1967 to honour the Canadian Centennial.       It was 15" in diameter in 2010 when it succumbed to a disease.   The visual impact of the beautiful apple wood is enhanced by the early spalting or decay.            9.5" high


Fleur de la Nuit     Vase 732

This piece of black cherry is carved, pierced and dyed to represent a delicate flower opening in the moonlight.
This is one piece of cherry from a log purchased in Kemptville Ontario.
10" high


Planet Earth   Vase 776
The solid portions of this walnut vase represent the continents while the slit portions, the oceans.    The wall is very thin and allows light to shine through the vase in the ocean areas.
9"h x 7"d


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