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Wood-turned Vases of mostly local hardwoods
WoodSong wooden vases are turned to a uniform wall thickness of 1/16" to 3/16". 
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Vase 811
Elm is coarse grained and the grain lines take up the dye in interesting ways.   The fluting draws the eye to the pointed rim of the vase.
9"h x 4.5"d


Vase 770
The entire yellow birch tree is represented here from the bark at the rim, through the sapwood and heartwood to the central pith.
8"h x 7"d


Vase 696
I came across a small piece of Lychee wood recently.  It is a very hard, lovely wood and makes an elegant vase.
8" high


Vase 725
Slippery Elm heartwood vase.  The very thin wall and opening slits give this vase a very delicate appearance as the light shines through it.   It appears to move as you pass by.    7" high


Vase 726
Slippery Elm heartwood again, but a little lighter than vase 725.  The light shining through this thin-walled vase creates interesting effects!
7.5" high


Vase 699
This lovely piece of Black Walnut was turned as a vase and then hand carved and sanded to produce 12 uniform segments.  The vase was turned from the entire heartwood of an Ottawa area black walnut tree.
10"high x 6"diam.


Vase 651b.jpg (46811 bytes)

Vase 651     Storm Series
This vase is turned from Elm, with a wall thickness of just 1/8".
11"h x 6"d


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